GG-24M 24 in 1 Headend Fixed channel catv modulator

GG-24M 24 in 1  Headend Fixed channel catv modulator

The GG-24M is a 4RU rack mounted chassis that allows for installation of up to 16 pieces microprocessor-controlled fixed or agile mini-modulators. Built-in active combiner eliminates unnecessary cabling and potential connection problem and ensures high output level.

All modulators are perfect factory set to desired channels and proper offset.


1. Switching power supply for installation flexibility and precise voltage regulation

2. Two cooling fans for long life performance

3. 45dBmV chassis output level, no need extra combiner

4. SAW (surface acoustic wave) filtering on IF for superior in band C/N

5. Front panel access controls enables easy setup

24M-BLACK 24m 24M-rear_副本24M-MINI_副本




Output Level


Output Level Adj. Range

 0~-20dB (Adjustable)

A/V Ratio

 -10dB~-30dB (Adjustable)

Output Impedance


Spurious Output


Frequency Accuracy


Output Return Loss

 ≥12dB(VHF); ≥10dB(UHF)

Video Input Level

 1.0Vp-p(87.5% Modulation)

Input Impedance


Differential Gain

 ≤5%(87.5% Modulation)

Differential Phase

 ≤5°(87.5% Modulation)

Group Delay

 ≤45 ns

Visual Flatness


Depth Adjust


Video S/N


Audio Input Level


Audio Input Impedance


Audio S/N


Audio Pre-emphasis



19 Inch 4U standard Size

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